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Adagio: The Musical Touch for Kids!



Adagio is a musical app designed to increase your child’s interest in music.!

They will learn playing through an attractive and colorful layout, at the musical rhythm of the train.

Adagio has two modes to play:
SONGBOOK MODE: Designed to learn and enjoy the best children’s songs aboard the musical train of animals (Includes 10 wonderful songs for kids).
FREE STYLE MODE: Designed to play your own songs and practice the songbook (Multitouch support for a better experience).
- Universal game (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)
- Intuitive and simple design.
- Entertainment for kids and parents.
- Great animal sounds for each musical note.
- Different instruments to choose.
- Two notation systems: Do, Re, Mi and C, D, E.
- Available in English and Spanish.