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Find a Way, José!

5 stars on iTunes

Find a Way, José!iTunes5

Put your brain to the ultimate test!


Find a Way José is the new puzzler on the block!

Find a Way José is the new puzzler on the block. This refreshing sliding-block game combines high-fidelity graphics and sounds with addictive puzzle solving madness to create a one of a kind brain-teasing extravaganza. The gameplay is extremely easy to pick up: slide away irregularly shaped blocks in all 4 directions and guide José to his long-lost potion. Some obstacles are non-movable, and many levels have strange and surprising boundaries which make this game a unique experience. On his exciting journey, José will explore 6 exotic worlds and solve 90 mind-provoking riddles. So put your clever hat on, and set up your brain for turbo-mode. You’ll have to be very resourceful and extremely cunning in order to overcome this puzzle game.