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Liquor QuiziTunes5

The New iOS app “Liquor Quiz” Gives You A Buzz Without The Hangover!


You rattle off names of alcohol brand and bottles like you’re in a bartender job interview. Only the best brands and oldest-aged libations touch your discerning lips. Your friends have considered holding an intervention except you’re always at the hottest new bar in town. Now you finally get to show them all your drinking was just so you can beat their pants off at Liquor Quiz!

•240 refreshing questions and 12 levels of various difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Crazy Hard.
•Join the crowd and compete for the title of mightiest mixologist among your friends by sharing the game and your scores with friends on Facebook or Twitter.
•Amaze your friends and family with your encyclopedic yet somewhat disturbing knowledge of alcohol brands and bottles!
•Score 20,000 points to join the “High Score Club” and receive personalized recognition!