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MPme RadioiTunes5

Never have to think too hard about what to listen to again!



Listen to radio stations selected specifically for you based on your music taste!

Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the free MPme app elegantly and effortlessly connects music lovers with radio stations professionally curated by DJ’s from around the globe. The app intelligently learns users’ music preferences and uses that information to return personalized radio recommendations fuelled by music that is playing, in real-time, from broadcasts worldwide. The music curated by professional DJs is organic, constant and fresh, featuring old favorites and newly discovered gems.

MPme channels a world of ear candy right to a mobile device in seconds with no hassles. Unlike other audio services, MPme doesn’t utilize genomes or algorithms to make recommendations. Instead, MPme scans users’ iTunes library and Facebook account using the open graph to pull information on “Likes.” Then scanning the tens of thousands of broadcasts available, MPme notes specific music or genres recently aired by a station and effortlessly recommends those outlets matching a listener’s preferences. Optionally, users can click on a particular genre to be connected to stations playing a desired musical style. The MPme app also lets users “Favorite” any artist, station or track discovered which improves recommendations and allows for one-touch access later.

The banter of live DJs, and unpredictable playlist variations that offer a truly entertaining experience, still set radio broadcasts apart from personal mp3 players or simple music streaming services. MPme taps this unique offering and delivers it to users in a fashion that just couldn’t get any easier.

MPme for iPhone and iPad supports Apple Airplay and is available for free in iTunes. An Android version is scheduled for launch later this year. More information about MPme can be found at www.MPme.com.