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ShowUp lets likeminded, simpatico people with sociable intentions invite others to ShowUp for a specific purpose. Offline and IRL, like a Facebook with Feet.

“What does it do?”

ShowUp lets likeminded, simpatico people with sociable intentions invite others to ShowUp for a specific purpose. Offline and URL, like a Facebook with Feet.

If you are in the mood, take a pic of yourself and describe tweet sized what you want and where you are.
Push ShowUp and everyone with the app in a 1 km radius receives a beep, looks at the screen & decides to accept the invitation or push the trashcan. You cannot reply but you can ShowUp or not.

The invite stays active 15 minutes, enough to go the distance and an acceptable waiting time. It will delete itself after that. It has a map with a pinpoint but you have to take the trouble to look for the inviter. That is the one who is clueless & perhaps a bit anxious how many people will ShowUp , If anybody at all will ShowUp and what the next hour will bring.

“Sounds like yet another urban hipster get together app?”
It is not meant to be, I think it it will be used downtown metropolises and villages, festivals, in trains, conventions, beaches, parks, revolutionary town squares, playgrounds and mountain tops by whoever hangs out there and wants to have a coffee and a chat, a run through the park, a beer, burn a flag, frisbee, discuss an issue, frolic in the waves or show pics of the grandchildren.
It needs a critical mass to work so we’ll offer it for free with 1/8 ads and for €1 ad-free.

“Why it will work?”

First of all, it doesn’t exist yet.

Also: Everybody between 12 & 62 gazes at mobile screens a considerable part of their day and lives. Today’s tech makers us communicate more than ever but mostly at a distance.

ShowUp offers a bit of an adventure, there is the 15 minutes of apprehensive optimism on the senders’ side and it asks for a sudden detour in the day of the ones who “accepted” the invite. It brings 2,3, many people IRL together for a specific purpose. Hopefully all works out well and If it gets awkward at least you have something to post or tweet about. There will be pranksters, sure, so we advise to use the common sense you have. The blonde inviting you for a champagne may have ulterior motives but to find out you have to ShowUp.

“Any privacy issues to be worried about?”

First of all, there is no signup through FB or such and no registration.  We will not sell your location, any Ads will be based on feed from the text of the inviter. An invite for a beery chat pops up something relevant. Etc.
Also, when the ShowUp expires after 15 minutes, it is deleted from our servers too.ShowUp knows nothing about you because it is none of our business. OK, perhaps we keep the bare text, to make a book or some cool infographics someday.

“The ad moment will be brief, so who will buy the 1/8 page?”

Maybe so, but that can be offset by offering “easter eggs” with an appropriate offer for the occasion. And in those 15 minutes users will look at their screen several times so there is definitely exposure. And there is a third revenue stream, see further down the pitch in the revenue section.

“How about Foursquare, Spot, Glancee, Spottiapp, Fieldtrip and other competition?”

ShowUp is a different flavour on the supermarket shelf full of crisps. If you dare, it can change your day by a spontaneous meeting of likeminded people you have never met before. The competition also means that the tech is available and the app can be built for the price of a decent middel class car.

Most of all, ShowUp is an app I would like to have and use myself.